Available Services


Annual Returns

For both Close Corporations and Companies.

Business Valutions

We offer the ability to analyse any company accounts, and based on that information, create a valuation of that business for you.

Drafting Contracts

Both from a business perspective or for staff employment, we offer the service to draft contracts for your company protection.

Financial Statements

Periodical statements for various business forms.

General Consultations

Often you just need a push in the right direction. We at Capstone offer just this service. Rather than paying us to manage your financials we can rather advise you in how to achieve certain criteria for yourself or your business.

Montlhy Bookeeping

All facets of your company from acquistions to sales and salary payments are managed and run on a month by month basis. At any point company revenue reports can be drawn and analysed to help streamline and improve your business.


PAYE and VAT management are a constant headache with any business. Capstone Advisory can manage this process and through their knowledge of the financial system offer bi-monthly returns where applicable.

PAYE, VAT, UIF & Wormens Compensation

Registration of all of these business requirements can be administered by Capstone.

Payroll Processing

Salary and wage management of all your permenant and sub-contracted staff.

Personal & Business Taxation

Either in your personal capacity or business, taxation is a reality that we all bare. However, there are many tax breaks available to you and your business if you are advised correctly. Capstone offers this service in abundance.

Trusts, Wills and Deceased Estates

Capstone Advisory can draft trust deeds and take care of the registration process and wills, as well as act as executor to deceased estates.

Business Restructuring

We assist with restructuring struggling businesses in order to make them more profitable again. 

Computer Sales

Especially advantageous to start up businesses. Capstone offers you the ability to acquire computer hardware to run and maintain your company.

Pastel Accounting and Sage One Resellers

In addition to us managing and consulting you in regards to all accounting matters, we can also offer the Pastel Accounting system in order to manage and maintain all your financial administration. Sage One is one of the most affordable online accounting packages.

Debt Collecting and Credit Checks

Another service we offer is to do debt collecting and credit checks on behalf of our clients. Listing slow payers as well as blacklisting clients who refuses to pay.

Drafting of Memorandum of Corporation

We assist with the drafting of the Memorandum of Incorporation which will replace the old company Articles of Association.

Drafting of Buy and Sell Agreement

We assist in the drafting of Buy and Sell Agreements for business partners to protect their business from closing down should a partner die.


We check that your business is compliant with al the new relevant company's act, tax legislation and any other relevant acts pertaining to your industry.

Internal Auditing & Forensic Investigation

We can assist a various risk management assessments and inserting procedures and systems to reduce risk. Should you suspect an employee or even management are not acting in the best interest of the business contact us to do a Forensice Investigation and keep your business profitable.

Non Profit Organizations (NPO)

We specialize in registering and setup NPO's with the necessary authorities. We assisst NPO's to stay compliant or to assist NPO's that's registered with any compliancy issues.

SARS disputes and audits

We pride ourselves in providing a specialized service to assist clients with SARS disputes as well as clients that has been audited and need assistance with replying to SARS findings.

Forensic Services

Should you suspect theft, fraud or need your internal control systems be reviewed to prevent theft and fraud, we assist with these services.


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